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How to Make (and Sell) Building Instructions!

The single most common comment we receive here at the Lego Car Blog (besides “Buy cheap Cialis here”) is “Can I have building instructions?’

In some cases it’s a yes, but most of the time the answer is no. They’re tricky, and it can be seen as a bit of a dark art. However the very talented SaperPL is here to explain how you can do it!

Yes, we’ve finally got round to the fifth instalment of the ‘Become a Lego Professional’ series, in which previous bloggee and prolific building instruction creator SaperPL provides the top ten tips for writing your very own LEGO building instructions.

Fame, glory, and maybe even a few $ could await! Read how you can get started in the building instructions game via the link below.

Become a Lego Professional – Part 5;

SaperPL – How to Make (and Sell) Building Instructions

Become a Lego Professional!

Lego Brick Built Cars Book

The single most frequently asked question we receive here at TLCB Towers is ‘How do I build this model?’. We receive queries like these in the hundreds, and – despite our urge to scream ‘enough!’ and run out of the building brandishing whatever office implement is nearest – we offer a continuous stream of polite replies explaining that the models we feature are not official LEGO sets and thus instructions are not available.

Well, finally, we have a generic answer that may actually be helpful!

Legendary (and prolific) vehicle builder Peter Blackert (aka LEGO911) has appeared here at The Lego Car Blog numerous times, and is therefore probably responsible for generating some of the ‘How do I build this model?’ comments himself.

Now, after years building stunningly realistic vehicles numbering in the hundreds, Peter has published a book containing full-colour illustrations and step-by-step instructions for many of his models!

Vehicles such as the 1932 Ford V-8 Roadster (pictured above), Datsun 240Z, 2016 Le Mans Ford racer, Ferrari 250 GT California, Jaguar E-Type coupe and convertible, Ford F150 Raptor, Bugatti Veyron, Porsche 911 and many more are all featured, allowing you to build and modify these for yourself using your own bricks!

We’ll be bringing you a review of Peter’s book ‘How to Build Brick Cars’ in due course, but until then how did Peter go from uploading his Lego creations online to having a book published and available for sale all over the world? Find out as Peter joins us as the fourth builder in our ‘Become a Lego Professional‘ series – click the link below to read his story.

Click here to read How Peter Blackert became a published Lego author!

Become a Lego Professional!

Lego Bright Bricks

It’s Easter weekend and TLCB Team are much too full of chocolate eggs to blog. Luckily for us we’ve been joined by a special guest to keep the content coming. Yup, it’s No.3 in our How to Become a Lego Professional series!

Not put off by his first encounter with TLCB Elves, Nick Barrett joined us here at TLCB Towers for a second time to tell the next chapter of his incredible Lego-building journey.

Since his last visit as a Master MOCer Nick has been hired by the Certified LEGO Professional building company Bright Bricks and is now earning a living through his building. How did he do it? Click the link below to find out!

Click here to read Nick Barrett’s Bright Bricks Story…

Become a Lego Professional!

Nathanael Kuipers Lego

It’s No.2 in the ‘How to Become a Lego Professional‘ interview series, and we’ve got an actual LEGO set designer (and published author) to join us! You can’t get more ‘Pro’ than that.

Nathanael Kruipers aka NKubate has designed several recent LEGO Technic sets that you may own at home! So what does he think is most important in the Lego Community? Click below to read his thoughts.

Click here to read Nathanael’s advice for aspiring builders…

Become a Lego Professional!

Sariel Lego

That’s not a Lego car we hear you cry! You’re right, it isn’t. It is in fact a mugshot of the Technic building extraordinaire – and now published Lego author – Paul ‘Sariel’ Kmiec.

We know that many Lego builders dream of taking their love of Lego into a paid career, and the great news is that several builders just like you have done it – and we’re going to talk to them about how!

We’re delighted to announce that Sariel has joined us here at TLCB for the first story in our ‘How To Become a Lego Professional‘ series, so grab a drink, get comfortable, and read about how Sariel went from a causal builder to a published Lego author…

Click this link to read Sariel’s story…