Become a Lego Professional!

Lego Bright Bricks

It’s Easter weekend and TLCB Team are much too full of chocolate eggs to blog. Luckily for us we’ve been joined by a special guest to keep the content coming. Yup, it’s No.3 in our How to Become a Lego Professional series!

Not put off by his first encounter with TLCB Elves, Nick Barrett joined us here at TLCB Towers for a second time to tell the next chapter of his incredible Lego-building journey.

Since his last visit as a Master MOCer Nick has been hired by the Certified LEGO Professional building company Bright Bricks and is now earning a living through his building. How did he do it? Click the link below to find out!

Click here to read Nick Barrett’s Bright Bricks Story…

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