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A Decade of the Brothers Brick

Lego Birthday Balloon

The internet’s largest and most famous Lego Blog is celebrating an incredible milestone today, as it passes the one decade mark! This makes The Brothers Brick as old as YouTube, the Aston Martin DB9, and Bird Flu. You can read a brief history of their first 10 years by clicking these words. Happy Birthday TBB!

1.5 Million!

Lego Mini-FiguresA lot of rubbish things have happened over the last few months; the Charlie Hebdo attack, the cancellation of Top Gear due to a fight over a steak, and the arrival of ‘that bloody Lemur‘ (as it’s collectively known in TLCB office) at The Brothers Brick, a creature that generates such violent hate amongst our Elves that it’s difficult to keep them from storming TBB compound.

As years go then, 2015 has had a pretty rough ride so far, but thanks entirely to you guys TLCB has bucked this depressing trend brilliantly. For reasons we simply can’t fathom this ropey brick-based car blog has racked up another half a million views in the few short months since the one million mark was reached at the end of last year, taking the total to;


In celebration we’ve decided to bring back a feature that we parked a little while ago, with an eleventh addition to TLCB’s Master MOCers series. He’s probably the most well known, well loved, and inspirational Lego vehicle builder on the planet – join us tomorrow to find out more!

1/3 Million!

Lego MinifiguresIt only seems like a few months ago that we published our self-congratulatory ‘1/4 Million!’ post. And that’s because it was. In fact, the 1/3 million mark quietly slipped past unnoticed earlier in the week. The Elves were on a bit of a roll and we had too many models to blog to check our stats… but we’ve caught up now. So concentrate, here comes the science part:

  • TLCB has recorded 1/3 million views in 20 months. If we maintain our current daily hit rate we’ll reach another 1/3 million views every 12 months.
  • We estimate this to be about 1/8th, or 12%, of the annual views achieved at the The Brothers Brick and, slightly less impressively, about 1% of the views achieved at MOCpages.
  • We’ve approved almost 700 comments (keep ’em coming!), and deleted over 11,000 spam messages.
  • We’ve blogged approximately 500 cars, trucks, bikes, planes, spacecraft to date.

As always, a big Thank You to you – yes you – reading this post. Without you this blog would just be the ramblings of some incompetent writers. Keep your Suggestions and Feedback coming, we really do try to read and respond to all of them, and we’ll see you in a few months at 1/2 million!


Bricklink Sold

Bricklink LogoBricklink.com (or ‘Cracklink’ as some call it, such is its addictiveness) is an invaluable online resource allowing fans to buy and sell individual LEGO pieces. Sadly its founder, Daniel Jezek, passed away tragically young a few years ago, and since then the site has been run by his family.

In a recent statement, Daniel’s family have announced the sale of Bricklink to online game entrepreneur Jung-Ju ‘Jay’ Kim, who plans to invest in enhanced security and a site modernisation programme. The full announcement is pretty dry so we haven’t posted it here, however you can read it in full, and find links to the parties involved, at The Brothers Brick.

The Brothers Brick Takes It Up A Notch

The Brothers Brick

A sign of good things to come

The Brothers Brick have done an Elzar, and knocked things up a notch. Posted today, the greatest Lego blog of them all has announced the arrival of legendary vehicle builder Ralph Savelsberg aka Mad Physicist to their writing team.

For car fans, this can only be Good News, as TBB has been spectacularly sci-fi biased in the past. In fact this new appointment, which furthers their softening stance towards the vehicle world demonstrated in the past year, makes our position at TLCB a little tenuous, as we started up in direct response to the lack of online resources for vehicle builders.

Still, maybe this’ll stop them nicking our posts. Read full details of Ralph’s appointment at The Brothers Brick here.