1/3 Million!

Lego MinifiguresIt only seems like a few months ago that we published our self-congratulatory ‘1/4 Million!’ post. And that’s because it was. In fact, the 1/3 million mark quietly slipped past unnoticed earlier in the week. The Elves were on a bit of a roll and we had too many models to blog to check our stats… but we’ve caught up now. So concentrate, here comes the science part:

  • TLCB has recorded 1/3 million views in 20 months. If we maintain our current daily hit rate we’ll reach another 1/3 million views every 12 months.
  • We estimate this to be about 1/8th, or 12%, of the annual views achieved at the The Brothers Brick and, slightly less impressively, about 1% of the views achieved at MOCpages.
  • We’ve approved almost 700 comments (keep ’em coming!), and deleted over 11,000 spam messages.
  • We’ve blogged approximately 500 cars, trucks, bikes, planes, spacecraft to date.

As always, a big Thank You to you – yes you – reading this post. Without you this blog would just be the ramblings of some incompetent writers. Keep your Suggestions and Feedback coming, we really do try to read and respond to all of them, and we’ll see you in a few months at 1/2 million!


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3 thoughts on “1/3 Million!

  1. legonoitall says:

    Congrats on a 1/3 of a million! (I expected at least a million from a great blog such as this)


    • Hello legonoitall

      Thanks for stopping by. We estimate we’ll be at a million sometime next year. As always, you can help us by sharing The Lego Car Blog on your social sites.

      TLCB Team

      P.S. Your WordPress Gravatar looks most excellent. The Elves are watching (not in a creepy way – although they are sometimes a bit creepy)


  2. legonoitall says:

    I’ll be sure to add a link to my Mocpages and Flickr accounts 🙂

    Thanks! My Gravatar is my Aston Martin Vantage: http://www.flickr.com/photos/legonoitallmocs/9038627210/ i hope to get it built in real bricks sometime this summer 🙂


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