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Our Crew is Replaceable, Your Package Isn’t.

Lego Futurama Planet Express Ship

Yes, yes… this is a digital build, but rules are made to be bent. Plus we really like Futurama! It helps that this replica of the Planet Express ship, digital though it may be, is an utterly perfect mini-figure recreation of the famous cartoon vessel, right down to the complete interior. Nicola Stocchi is the designer behind it and you take a trip to the world of tomorrow by clicking here.

Penguins Unlimited

Lego Space Tanker

Enormous spaceships aren’t normally our bag, but this ace 120-stud Octan Space Supertanker by Flickr’s Lego Junkie reminded us too much of a certain penguin pollution catastrophe to pass up. If only they’d made it with 6001 hulls

The Robot Devil*

Lego Lamborghini Diablo Transformers

The Elves are still Transformers-mad, so the Elf that discovered today’s creation is now something of a hero with his colleagues. We like it too, so it was yellow smarties all round.

This magnificent Lamborghini Diablo is the work of the very talented Marin Stipkovic. Marin’s Lego Lambo looks good on its own, but as you can see here it also transforms into an excellent Autobot Transformer. You can check it out in both forms at either MOCpages or Flickr, where Marin’s included a video showing the trickery involved.

*A clever title yes, but also a flimsy pretext to include a Futurama link.

Lego Lamborghini Diablo

The Brothers Brick Takes It Up A Notch

The Brothers Brick

A sign of good things to come

The Brothers Brick have done an Elzar, and knocked things up a notch. Posted today, the greatest Lego blog of them all has announced the arrival of legendary vehicle builder Ralph Savelsberg aka Mad Physicist to their writing team.

For car fans, this can only be Good News, as TBB has been spectacularly sci-fi biased in the past. In fact this new appointment, which furthers their softening stance towards the vehicle world demonstrated in the past year, makes our position at TLCB a little tenuous, as we started up in direct response to the lack of online resources for vehicle builders.

Still, maybe this’ll stop them nicking our posts. Read full details of Ralph’s appointment at The Brothers Brick here.