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Super Sunday

If you’re six (or a TLCB Elf), this post is for you. Yes today we have two of the greatest supercars ever made in LEGO form, and best of all they’re tiny, showing you don’t need to have a million pieces to build a blogworthy replica of your favourite supercar.

The first (above) is Jonathan Elliott‘s beautifully presented Lamborghini Diablo GTR, constructed to almost ridiculous accuracy in Speed Champions scale. Parts facing in every direction hint at the complexities within, and there’s more of the model to see at Jonathan’s photostream.

Today’s second small-scale supercar (below) is one from a later decade, the phenomenal Lexus LFA. Also constructed in Speed Champions scale, Flickr’s Tommy ñ has captured the iconic carbon-fibre supercar superbly in brick form, and you can check it out at his photostream via the link above.

Yellow Devil

Is there anything more supercar-y than a yellow Lamborghini Diablo? Suggested by a reader (and previous bloggee themselves), this one comes from newcomer Attila Gallik of Flickr, who has done an excellent job recreating Lamborgini’s 1990s supercar in Speed Champions form.

Available in both GTR (giant wing) and standard specification, Attila’s Diablo can fit two mini-figures inside and includes a detailed engine underneath the opening rear cover, and if you fancy one for yourself instructions are available too! Take a look via the link above to see more.

Spanish Devil

Lego Lamborghini Diablo

The Lamborghini Diablo. The last mad Lambo before the Volkswagen Group acquired the brand and started building cars that, you know, actually worked. The Diablo wasn’t a particularly good car, but it will probably always be remembered as one of brand’s greats.

Launched in 1990 the Diablo (so called everywhere bar Mexico, where they took exception to the name) was powered by Lamborghini’s existing 5.7 litre 48 valve V12 engine which produced a little under 500bhp, making the Diablo the first Lamborghini to crack 200mph.

Lego Lamborghini Diablo

Over the Diablo’s eleven year production run numerous special editions, updates and drive-train options were released, before the car was finally replaced by the Audi-engineered Murcielago in 2001 – a much better car, but sadly a lot less mad too.

Today we’re remembering the last ‘proper’ (by which we man ‘not actually that good’) Lamborghini thanks to Daniel H, who has recreated the Diablo rather wonderfully in Model Team form. Opening doors, hood and engine cover all feature, and the underside and engine are each as well detailed as the bodywork and interior.

There’s lots more to see of Daniel’s Diablo at both MOCpages and Flickr, where you can also find a link to the creation on the LEGO Ideas platform. Take a look via the links above.

Lego Lamborghini Diablo

Out of the… Yellow?

Lego Sunstreaker Transformer

The TLCB Elves are a bit grumpy today. Today’s post wasn’t discovered by them, which means no meal tokens and no Smarties. Sam (aka Sir.Manperson) is the responsible party who joins us as a Guest Blogger, following his contact via the Feedback page. Over to Sam…

Anyone who has been following the TLCB will recall the fantastic Lamborghini Diablo blogged early this year. And will probably recall being mightily impressed too. But little did we know that builder Epsilon Eta had a surprise in store. This was no ordinary model, but in fact it was a W.I.P of a transforming version. The incredible recreation of Transformers’ Sunstreak can be viewed and dribbled over/envied via his MOCpage. Epsilon has also produced a handy little video to demonstrate his genius; click play below to watch.

Many thanks to Sir.Manperson for joining us today. If you’d like to blog for us in a Guest capacity as Sam has done you can contact us in the usual ways. Now, do we cheer the Elves up by showing them the newly released trailer for Transformers 4?…

Lego Sunstreaker Robot

Yellow Devil

Lego Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini may now be owned by the Germans, and as a result it can now actually make a car that works, but if you want something a little more Italian (i.e. unreliable and impossible to drive!) you’ve got to go back a few years to this; the awesome late ’90s Diablo.

Newcomer Epsilon Eta has made one heck of an entrance. This is only his second vehicle uploaded to MOCpages, and it’s a stunner. Epsilon’s Model Team recreation of the last Italian Lamborghini is one of the most realistic supercar models you’re likely to see. Check it out on MOCpages at the link.

Lego Lamborghini Diablo

The Robot Devil*

Lego Lamborghini Diablo Transformers

The Elves are still Transformers-mad, so the Elf that discovered today’s creation is now something of a hero with his colleagues. We like it too, so it was yellow smarties all round.

This magnificent Lamborghini Diablo is the work of the very talented Marin Stipkovic. Marin’s Lego Lambo looks good on its own, but as you can see here it also transforms into an excellent Autobot Transformer. You can check it out in both forms at either MOCpages or Flickr, where Marin’s included a video showing the trickery involved.

*A clever title yes, but also a flimsy pretext to include a Futurama link.

Lego Lamborghini Diablo