Out of the… Yellow?

Lego Sunstreaker Transformer

The TLCB Elves are a bit grumpy today. Today’s post wasn’t discovered by them, which means no meal tokens and no Smarties. Sam (aka Sir.Manperson) is the responsible party who joins us as a Guest Blogger, following his contact via the Feedback page. Over to Sam…

Anyone who has been following the TLCB will recall the fantastic Lamborghini Diablo blogged early this year. And will probably recall being mightily impressed too. But little did we know that builder Epsilon Eta had a surprise in store. This was no ordinary model, but in fact it was a W.I.P of a transforming version. The incredible recreation of Transformers’ Sunstreak can be viewed and dribbled over/envied via his MOCpage. Epsilon has also produced a handy little video to demonstrate his genius; click play below to watch.

Many thanks to Sir.Manperson for joining us today. If you’d like to blog for us in a Guest capacity as Sam has done you can contact us in the usual ways. Now, do we cheer the Elves up by showing them the newly released trailer for Transformers 4?…

Lego Sunstreaker Robot

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