Ferrari 458 Picture Special

Lego Ferrari 458

If we’re honest here at TLCB Towers we’re an egotistical bunch. We like to think these posts are about the creation pictured, but really we’re here to satisfy our craving for attention. The Elves on the other hand are just here for the food and an occasional screening of a Transformers DVD.

However this post really is all about the MOC, because this Ferrari 458 Italia might just be the most beautifully designed, built and photographed creation that we’ll post all year. Nathanael L aka Lego Builder Jr. is the brains (and hands) behind the build, and you can see more of his enchanting re-creation of Maranello’s finest at either Flickr or MOCpages via the links above.

Lego Ferrari Italia

Nathanael’s model is also available on LEGO’s ‘Ideas’ website (formally ‘Cuusoo’), whereby 10,000 votes could see it reach production as an official LEGO set. We’re not sure if the (brilliant) roof would pass LEGO’s set-suitability criteria, but it’d be a small concession to replace it with a more orthodox design. LEGO already partner with Ferrari to produce officially licensed products, so Nathanael’s model really could be a possibility. To vote for the 458 simply click on the ‘Lego Builder Jr.’ link above where Nathanael explains all.

Lego Ferrari 458 Italia

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