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A Decade of the Brothers Brick

Lego Birthday Balloon

The internet’s largest and most famous Lego Blog is celebrating an incredible milestone today, as it passes the one decade mark! This makes The Brothers Brick as old as YouTube, the Aston Martin DB9, and Bird Flu. You can read a brief history of their first 10 years by clicking these words. Happy Birthday TBB!

Website of the Month – The Brothers Brick

We seem to have long months here at The Lego Car Blog; 7 months in and only 3 of these posts have made it onto the site. Nevermind, the Elves have been now been suitably kicked, er, we mean, redirected, and we have another group to show you, hurrah! This time it’s a rival blog (fulfilling a promise we made way back at the start of our car-blogging endeavor), and it’s probably the best Lego blog out there to boot.

The Brothers Brick

The Brothers Brick started way back in 2005, when AOL ruled the interweb, YouTube was but a month old, and Lehman Brothers were definitely absolutely positively making secure and wise investments. Most of you will be more than familiar with the work of this esteemed digital media engine, its penchant for beautiful landscapes, its blatant sci-fi bias, and… its disregard for anything with wheels.

In fact it was this disdain for transport related MOCs that triggered the creation of The Lego Car Blog. We wanted a blog to feed the huge Lego vehicle building community that had so far gone hungry. A hole was definitely there to be filled <insert your own dirty joke here>.

Now it seems the AFOL community has awoken to the vehicle-building scene. Both The Brothers Brick and the MOCpages Awards have started including vehicles in the mainstream, thanks largely to the brilliant creations you guys are uploading, which is also what gives us a reason for being.

So thank you Lego Car Blog reader, and if you’ve not checked them out yet, make sure you visit the guys that started the ball rolling in the first place…