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The TFOL World Car Builder of the Year Awards!

Here at The Lego Car Blog we like to showcase up-and-coming builders, and now there’s a new blog that just showcases up-and-coming builders. So as a Special today we’re going to showcase the up-and-coming blog that showcases up-and-coming builders, TFOL World.

Over to the guys from TFOL World to explain their picks for the best young vehicle builders of 2013.

Trophy courtesy of the First Lego League

Who are the top five car building TFOLs to follow in 2013? The teenaged staff of TFOL World have brought you their top picks, so read on and find out!

We’ll start off with frequent bloggee of both TFOLWorld and The LEGO Car Blog – Jonas (Legopard). A German TFOL who has recently begun posting vehicle models, he’s created everything from Steampunk Bat Tumblers to classic little mopeds. And don’t worry, if you’re into futuristic vehicles he’s got you covered too.

Legopard Jonas

Our next builder to make this post is the incredibly prolific Senator Chinchilla. Master of speed building replicas of large cars, Senator Chinchilla uses a range of techniques to keep his posts interesting. From brilliant creations, various backdrops, witty captions, and the occasional space MOC, you will always find something entertaining.

Senator Chinchilla R.H

Rounding out the middle of this feature is Raphael Granas (r a p h y), who is creating some of the best tiny turbos of the year. Dedicated to building the best looking replica possible, Raphael does not shy from shaving unnecessary pieces away – literally. His occasional slash and hack may turn the stomachs of purists, but it’s hard to argue with the results.

Raphy Lego

Next up we have veteran Featured TFOL Harry Gravett. This guy really knows how to shape a car, and his use of a myriad of techniques (including the classic cylinder+brick round tower technique) allows him to form top-notch eye candy. Our favourite of his MOCs is the Gravity GZ3 Tornado (featured below) for just that reason.Harry Gravett

Last but not least, Alexander Paschoaletto is our fifth and final builder. As far as we can tell, he doesn’t pack his models with NPU, textures, rare bricks, or all that stuff we’ve come to know and love. No, Alex instead produces builds which are refreshingly simple at first glance, though subtly complex as you look deeper. His MOCs are built to look good, and few car builders can match the sheer beauty of his vehicles.

Alexander Paschoaletto

And that wraps up the TFOL World list of the top five TFOLs of the year! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check each of these talented teens out, they’ll definitely be building even more top-tier motors as 2013 rolls on.

TFOL World

TLCB would like to extend a heartfelt thank you and best wishes to all the staff at TFOL World. If you’re a Teen Fan Of Lego make sure you check them out at the new TFOL World blog.

Blog(s) of the Month – Thirdwigg and 1nxtmonster

Lego Technic Power FunctionsIt’s time for the welcome return of the Group/Blog of the Month segment here at The Lego Car Blog! By ‘Month’ we actually mean ‘However long it until we write another one of these’, but we’re mavericks, and follow no-one’s rules. Not even our own.

This time we’ve decided to publicise a pair of grass-roots blogs created by two of our readers, both of which share designs and expertise in LEGO’s superb Power Functions motor system. On the left is the latest Technic masterpiece by Thirdwigg; a remote control Cat 573C Feller. Thirdwigg’s blog includes an extensive back catalogue of his creations (some of which you may have seen blogged here) as well as help and detail on how the technical elements were achieved. On the right is a rock-crawler by TFOL 1nxtmonster, whose blog includes a variety of designs and videos showing what LEGO Power Functions vehicles can do.

Show your support via the links above.

Featured TFOL: Alexander Paschoaletto

Lego Gumpert Apollo and SSC AeroApologies for the blogging hiatus over the past few days; some of our Elves went missing at roughly the same time as TLCB became embroiled in a legal dispute. We’re not suggesting the two occurrences are linked of course, but if anyone’s going to lock the Elves in a dark room it’s going to be us. Anyway, back to something we’ve not done for a while; a long overdue ‘Featured Teenage Fan Of Lego’ (TFOL).

Our Featured TFOL category is not about blogging the absolute best creations found, rather it allows us to recognise, and publicise, younger builders’ achievements. Alexander Paschoaletto earns the accolade this time round, with a string of solid automotive efforts, culminating in the superb Gumpert Apollo and SSC Aero shown above. You can check out these, and the rest of Alexander’s creations, on MOCpages.

Featured TFOL: Harry Gravett

Lego TVR Sagaris

Probably the hardest car to make in LEGO. Ever.

With The Brothers Brick stealing our last few posts (we’re on to you TBB!) it’s time for something that won’t get nicked. Because this is far from the best car we’ve featured on The Lego Car Blog. So what’s it doing here? Well firstly, it’s one of the most fiendishly difficult vehicles to replicate using little plastic blocks, and secondly, it’s the sort of grass-roots building that The Lego Car Blog Team really admires.

Harry Gravett has done a thoroughly decent job of translating the TVR Sagaris’ incredibly complex shape into Lego, and he’s done it whilst being restricted almost entirely to the bricks found in a single set. In fact, all his creations stem from this one palette. And that’s why we like Harry’s work; it’s low budget but high talent, and so often in the Lego Community it’s the other way round.

With special thanks to the reader who shared this with us via the Feedback and Suggestions page.

Twelve-Wide Trident

Lego Maserati Tipo

Larry Pan’s Maserati Tipo

Time for another ‘Featured TFOL’ (Teen Fan Of Lego), and for us to go back to our roots and post a proper car (hurrah!). This beautiful ’60s racer is a Maserati Tipo 151/3, and it’s been built by Larry Pan on MOCpages. Larry has also built a Maserati MC12 and… er, not all that much else yet – but it’s what he’s going to build that earns him a place on The Lego Car Blog. He’s only a few cars in and he’s already building upside-down. One to watch.

Colour of the Day

Lego Ford Hot Rod

Better put your shades on…

Good things come in yellow. LEGO mini-figures for example. The Simpsons. The Sun. And this; Aaden Hughes‘ 1955 Ford Pick-up, which is very, very, yellow. So yellow in fact, it over-stimulated the Elves and we had to throw them outside. Still, they’ve not brought much back in the last few days so it’s probably a good thing. Anyhow, Aadan’s built quite a few cars, this Ford being the most recent, and as such he’s our current ‘Featured TFOL’. You can check out his work on MOCpages.

The Great Inventor

2-2-2 Steam Engine

Isambard Kingdom Brunel; Inventor. Engineer. Pioneer. And owner of a really cool name

Today will be somewhat of an educational post for a few of you, and a tribute to one the greatest men of recent(ish) times for others, although if you’re part of the first camp you’ll probably be a member of the second too by the end of this passage.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859) was an English engineer responsible for much of the technology that accelerated mankind’s progress through the 20th Century. He engineered the first underwater river tunnel, the first propellor driven ship, the incredible Clifton Suspension Bridge, London Paddington Station, Harbours, and of course, Railways. Almost everything he is credited with designing pushed mankind’s creations beyond what was previously possible; largest brick span, largest suspension span, largest ship, first metal ship…

TFOL George G has built a fitting tribute to IKB for the 2012 MOCOlympics. We’ve featured the 2-2-2 train from George’s creation here, and the whole scene is definitely worth a look. Check it out on MOCpages.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel succumbed to a stroke aged 53, leaving a wife and three children. His bridges, tunnels, stations and harbours are still in use today. And the moral of today’s story kids is Stay In School. And Don’t Smoke.

Sir Badass of Badassery

Lego Mech

Nice – but what if it had TWO guns!

This is not a car. It’s not a truck, nor a plane, nor a spaceship. But it is sub-zero levels of cool, and it made the Elves stomp around the office, some with lampshades or bins on their heads, brandishing spatulas, tongs and other utensil-based weaponry.

Normally when a MOC stirs up feelings of long-suppressed free-will in the Elves we end up having to diffuse a riot, but today they’re so enamored with their find that they’ve been happily playing Robots all morning. So if you see one chunkily walk past you whilst you’re visiting Eurobricks, MOCpages or some-such site, wearing a bucket on its head and with tissue boxes on its feet, gently point it in the direction of anything vaguely robotic – you’ll make its day.

Oh, we nearly forgot! This ridiculously cool MOC is the work of Mr Elliott Feldman on MOCpages. There’s a full(ish) backstory and  a comprehensive gallery of the component parts. Check it out here.

The real thing

The real thing: raphy’s Mustang

According to his Flickr comments raphy said that this looked better in his mind than it turned out in bricks.  We don’t know what Raphy, clearly one of the best TFOL Lego car builders around, had in his mind when building this Mustang, but we think the result is superb.  It even convinced The Lego Car Blog Towers that he should earn our ‘Featured TFOL’ accolade.

Check out the awesome work of Raphy on Flickr.

Featured TFOL: Cars Lover

Cars Lover

Automotive awesomeness by Cars Lover

When the great Firas Abu-Jaber admits a Lamborghini Gallardo is better than his own the TLCB Elves get still pointier ears than they already have. A 16-year old builder named Cars Lover, a German TFOL and newcomer on MOCpages, has built some awesome sports cars lately. As Firas puts it: “You have a GREAT future in building lego cars, so keep on that.”

So check out what Cars Lover has done so far on MOCpages.