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Fly Me to the Moon

Lego Apollo Supercar

Built for TLCB Summer Building Competition, Flickr’s Davanchi M. has entered his own fictional ‘Apollo’ supercar. Nice detailing abounds and you can see more at the link above.

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One Small Step for Mini-Figure

Lego Apollo Luna Rover

This beautiful shot comes from one of Flickr’s finest mini-figure scale builders, the brilliant _Tiler. We’ve featured _Tiler’s work here numerous times, and it’s normally of the loud and fast variety. His latest creation though, is pretty quiet and very very slow. And yet somehow possibly the coolest model he’s built to date, the awesome Apollo Luna Rover.

His latest build has also had the added bonus of turning the Elves into astronauts for the day. This means that although there are no boxes of any kind left in the office as they’ve all been appropriated for use as space helmets, it’s beautifully peaceful – as the Elves are silently and slowly moonwalking everywhere. A big whole-hearted ‘thank you’ to _Tiler from the everyone at TLCB Towers, and if you want to see more of his Apollo Lunar Rover you can do so via the handy link above.

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Featured TFOL: Alexander Paschoaletto

Lego Gumpert Apollo and SSC AeroApologies for the blogging hiatus over the past few days; some of our Elves went missing at roughly the same time as TLCB became embroiled in a legal dispute. We’re not suggesting the two occurrences are linked of course, but if anyone’s going to lock the Elves in a dark room it’s going to be us. Anyway, back to something we’ve not done for a while; a long overdue ‘Featured Teenage Fan Of Lego’ (TFOL).

Our Featured TFOL category is not about blogging the absolute best creations found, rather it allows us to recognise, and publicise, younger builders’ achievements. Alexander Paschoaletto earns the accolade this time round, with a string of solid automotive efforts, culminating in the superb Gumpert Apollo and SSC Aero shown above. You can check out these, and the rest of Alexander’s creations, on MOCpages.

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