Featured TFOL: Alexander Paschoaletto

Lego Gumpert Apollo and SSC AeroApologies for the blogging hiatus over the past few days; some of our Elves went missing at roughly the same time as TLCB became embroiled in a legal dispute. We’re not suggesting the two occurrences are linked of course, but if anyone’s going to lock the Elves in a dark room it’s going to be us. Anyway, back to something we’ve not done for a while; a long overdue ‘Featured Teenage Fan Of Lego’ (TFOL).

Our Featured TFOL category is not about blogging the absolute best creations found, rather it allows us to recognise, and publicise, younger builders’ achievements. Alexander Paschoaletto earns the accolade this time round, with a string of solid automotive efforts, culminating in the superb Gumpert Apollo and SSC Aero shown above. You can check out these, and the rest of Alexander’s creations, on MOCpages.

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9 thoughts on “Featured TFOL: Alexander Paschoaletto

  1. woooow, a thousand thanks for this mention, guys!


  2. […] some excellent striping. His Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale was suggested to us by a fellow ‘Featured TFOL‘, and you can check it out on Harry’s MOCpage […]


  3. […] wasn’t found by them, but by one of our readers. Still, they should’ve been quicker. Alexander Paschoaletto is a previous ‘Featured TFOL’ here at TLCB, and he joins us as a Guest Blogger to […]


  4. […] may not feature any working functions at all. But just look at it! It’s the work of previous Featured TFOL and MOCpages builder Alexander Paschoaletto, and it’s beautiful. See all the photos of […]


  5. Yep, Alex is amazing. His Bug’, GT-R and LFA really shone out for me, and all from a few sets, with a little extra. And he’s great person to know on the ‘pages – the comments he leaves are so kind, he’s active in groups and he takes contests pretty seriously. What a guy.


  6. […] car of the tail-gating muppet, but the R8 is one Audi we would still happily own. Previous Featured TFOL Alexander Paschoaletto is the builder behind this remarkably accurate Model Team version of which […]


  7. […] one is the work of previous Featured TFOL Alexander Paschoaletto, and he’s done a thoroughly brilliant job of recreating the Japanese […]


  8. […] This model is the even more mental ‘R’ version, built by TLCB regular and previous Featured TFOL Alexander Paschoaletto. It was suggested to us by a reader and you can see more on […]


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