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Tintin In Space

Lego Space TinTin Rocket

This spectacular Classic Space Vs. Tintin mash-up is the work of certified Lego professional Ryan McNaught, aka TheBrickMan, and was discovered by one of our workers on Flickr.

Ryan’s enormous Tintin spaceship opens up to reveal a wonderfully detailed mini-figure interior, whilst the classic spacemen servicing the giant rocket* have a variety of classic space vehicles at their disposal, and the whole scene is mounted on a brilliant scaled-up version of the space baseplate that Lego produced to accompany the Classic Space range in the 1980s.

There’s loads more to see at Ryan’s photostream – click the link above to launch!

*Just like your Mom.

Star Port

Lego Classic Space Moon Base

Following his classic spaceship collaboration publicised here earlier in the week, builder Simon Liu has now completed the epic spaceport in which the classic spacecraft feature. Simon’s huge Moonbase services travellers from far and wide (just like your Mom), and there’s a vast amount of clever detailing and cunning building techniques used throughout the build.

There’s lots more to see on Flickr at Simon’s photostream – you can book yourself a trip to the moon by clicking on these magic words. We’ll see you there.

Dark Side Of The Moon

Lego Moon Base

Time for something spacey! This bewitching Moon Base was actually uploaded to Flickr months ago, but we, er… weren’t paying attention. Luckily builder Michal Kazmierczak recently added this astonishingly beautiful build to his MOCpages account too, and thus gave us another chance. We’re glad he did, as this could be the sci-fi creation of the year. See all of the incredible photos of Michal’s ‘Cold Moon Base’ via the link to MOCpages above.

Lego Moon Base



One Small Step for Mini-Figure

Lego Apollo Luna Rover

This beautiful shot comes from one of Flickr’s finest mini-figure scale builders, the brilliant _Tiler. We’ve featured _Tiler’s work here numerous times, and it’s normally of the loud and fast variety. His latest creation though, is pretty quiet and very very slow. And yet somehow possibly the coolest model he’s built to date, the awesome Apollo Luna Rover.

His latest build has also had the added bonus of turning the Elves into astronauts for the day. This means that although there are no boxes of any kind left in the office as they’ve all been appropriated for use as space helmets, it’s beautifully peaceful – as the Elves are silently and slowly moonwalking everywhere. A big whole-hearted ‘thank you’ to _Tiler from the everyone at TLCB Towers, and if you want to see more of his Apollo Lunar Rover you can do so via the handy link above.

In Russia, Moon Lands on You!

Lego Lunar Lander

Lego Lunar Lander

This beautiful photo comes from Kei_Kei_Flic on Flickr. Depicting the Soviet-era Lunniy Korabl Lunar Module (and a cheery Russian cosmonaught) on the surface of Earth’s Moon, it’s sadly more fantasy than historic event.

The Russian KL Moon Lander never made it to the Moon. The N1 rocket designed to take it there started encountering problems following the death of its designer, and the project ended in spectacular fashion, with the largest artificial non-nuclear explosion in history.