Ferrari Ferrari LaFerrari Ferrari

Lego Technic Ferrari LaFerrari RC

BrunoJ’s incredible Technic recreation of the world’s most ridiculously named supercar has appeared here at The Lego Car Blog before, and since then a paying customer asked the builder to revisit his original model to create a new and even more spectacular version.

This is the result, and it’s a phenomenal showcase for what can be achieved from our favourite little plastic bricks. Underneath the stunningly accurate 1:9 Technic bodywork is a working V12 piston engine, all-wheel independent suspension and a suite of Power Functions electrical functions.

Lego Technic Ferrari LaFerrari 1:9

These include the usual remote control drive and steering plus; remotely opening doors, LED lighting including turn function and active aerodynamics – just like the real LaFerrari. In all there are six Power Functions motors, two LiPo rechargeable batteries, two IR receivers and seven pairs of LEDs, which all rides on four realistic 3D-printed wheels with custom special-width tyres.

There’s lots more to see – including detailed chassis images and a video of the LaFerrari in action – at the Eurobricks discussion forum.

Lego Remote Control Ferrari

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3 thoughts on “Ferrari Ferrari LaFerrari Ferrari

  1. David says:

    Seriously though, who had the know how to put these together? Some of the external pieces must be illegal placement, surely?


  2. Michal says:

    David, I follow eurobricks technic and I see more and more models now using illegal methods non LEGO parts and modified parts gaining massive praise. lol


  3. Artur Pajak says:

    you manual?


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