Lego Sci-Fi Armoured Gun Carrier

The Lego Car Blog Elves have been relatively settled of late, quietly getting on with their routine of scouring the interweb for blog-worthy Lego vehicles, pointless bickering, and eating whatever they find stuck in the office doormat. Today however, a familiar yet too-hastily forgotten cacophony of noise echoed down the corridor. A noise of panicked screaming, followed by a sound similar to that made when you stand on dropped popcorn at the cinema.

This TLCB writer wearily arose from an afternoon of Googling Margot Robbie pictures to ascertain the source of the interruption – knowing full well the scene that would likely await him in the corridor.

As feared, a spectacularly violent Elf was commanding something big, heavy and remote control to repeatedly run over several of its co-workers that had become trapped in a corner, and it was having the time of its life. Subsequently picked up by its ears and removed from TLCB Towers by way of the office slingshot, the Elf in question had found one hell of a vehicle though.

It’s called ‘Scorpion 2’, and it’s been built by Flickr’s Sioka sculpting, who’s making his TLCB debut. Whilst of mini-figure scale it’s a huge bit of kit, and it comes with some mighty weaponry too with front and roof-mounted swing-away railguns(?). A crew of four mini-figures reside inside, and can access the interior via a side-mounted hatch.

There’s lots more to see of this magnificent mammoth on Flickr – click the link above to visit Sioka’s photostream, whilst we wash Elven bodily fluids out of the corridor carpet.

Lego RC Sci-Fi Tank

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