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Brick Built Brabham

Lego Brabham BT24

This is a Brabham BT24, and it won the 1967 Formula 1 Constructor’s Championship. However, it was not the fastest car of the season – that honour went to Lotus – but it was much more reliable, and thus its consistency meant that it took the overall championship ahead of the faster Lotus design.

This neat mini-figure scale recreation of the championship-winning Brabham is the work of Pixel Junkie of Flickr, and it contains some wonderfully inventive parts usage. See more at Pixel’s photostream via the link above.

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An Mg Racing Car


Not a product of the Morris Garages car builders but a Formula 1 racing car with a body made from lightweight magnesium. This car is yet another fascinating piece of auto-racing history from Greg_998 on Flickr. In the late 1960s Honda saved 80kg from the weight of their previous F1 car by giving its body a magnesium shell, instead of an aluminium one.

This author fondly remembers setting fire to strips of magnesium in chemistry lessons, something which is now probably banned under Elf & Safety. Magnesium burns at roughly 3,100°C, making it great for things such as distress flares, sparklers on bonfire night and those things that Boy Scouts start fires with. Tragically these properties make it an incredibly dangerous material to have built a car from if it crashes and catches fire. You can see more images of this unusual car and read a full history by following this link to Greg’s Photostream.

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To Finish First…

Lego Nissan R89C

…First you must finish. Unfortunately for Nissan their strikingly designed 1989 R89C Group C racer was uncharacteristically un-Japanese when it came to reliability, with all three Le Mans entries retiring before the race was over. Sadly the R89C fared little better in the World Sports Car and Japan Sports Prototype Championships, suffering from chassis and engine issues throughout the season.

The R89C is not exactly a legend of endurance racing then, but just look at it! Making almost 1,000bhp from its twin-turbo 3.5litre V8 engine the R89C packed quite a punch when it was working too.

This gorgeous Model Team replica of the classic Nissan racing car is the work of Alexander Paschoaletto and he’s recreated the R89C’s magical shape (and Nissan’s famous late ’80s – early ’90s livery) beautifully in brick form. You can see more of his build on both Flickr and MOCpages – click on the links to take the trip to ’89.

Lego Nissan R89C

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The Killer Years – Historic F1 Picture Special

Lego Lotus Ford 72D JPS

Every so often we receive a suggestion here at TLCB that makes the whole office stop what it’s doing (which today seemed to mostly be Google-imaging attractive Rio Olympics athletes) to gaze in wonder at the creation/s found. This was definitely one of those moments.

Lego Ferrari 640 Formula 1

These incredible Model Team classic Formula 1 replicas have all been built by newcomer Idihnab Szalab from Hungary, and he’s uploaded all four to MOCpages in one go. Each is an exquisitely detailed creation that perfectly captures one of the Formula 1’s most famous and iconic cars in Lego form.

Lego Williams-Honda FW11

From top to bottom Idihnab has built; the dominant 1972-75 Lotus-Ford 72D in John Player Special livery, Ferrari’s 1989 640, the double World Championship-winning 1986-87 Williams-Honda FW11, and lastly the beautiful Lotus-Ford 72C from 1970-71 in magnificent Gold Leaf livery.

Lego Lotus Ford 72C Gold Leaf

We can’t recommend paying Idihnab’s MOCpage a visit enough – click here to view all four incredible creations and to step back in time to Formula 1’s greatest era.

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Rotary Renown

Lego Mazda 787B Rotary Le Mans

This remarkable car is Mazda’s 1991 Group C Le Mans winning 787B, to this day the only Japanese car ever to win the famous 24 hour race and the only non-reciprocating engine powered car to do so too. This stunning replica of Mazda’s greatest triumph is the work of TLCB favourite Greg998, and he’s recreated the 900bhp carbon-composite monster in jaw-dropping detail.

Underneath the brilliantly recreated bodywork – complete with Mazda’s tricky ’91 livery and period-correct decals – Greg’s 787B features working steering, all-wheel suspension, working headlights, and a Lego version of Mazda’s unique (and mental) 4-rotor engine. There’s lots more to see on Flickr, Eurobricks and MOCpages – click the links to see full details and imagery.

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Group C Finale

Lego Nissan R92CP Racing Car

In the 1980s the World Rally Championship was at its most spectacular. Space-framed, wildly unstable and sometimes downright dangerous all-wheel-drive monsters raced through the world’s forests and deserts as part of the lethal Group B experimental class. Not to be outdone World Endurance Racing mirrored the WRC’s turbo-charged excess with its own ludicrous Group C class, where cars like this incredible Nissan R92CP produced over 1,200bhp in qualifying specification.

Like WRC’s Group B, the Group C endurance class was axed after a few short years, but the cars it created have lived on much longer in racing legend. Previous bloggee Greg998 has an impressive catalogue of historic racing cars and his latest is one of the final Group C greats. His stunning 1992 Nissan R92CP is available to view on MOCpages, Eurobricks or Flickr.

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Black Widow

Lego Porsche 936 Black Widow

Greg998 is becoming a regular here at TLCB with his superb classic racing cars. His latest, this brilliant 1976 Martini-Porsche 936 ‘Black Widow’ was suggested to us by a reader, and you can see more of it and his other builds on Flickr.

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Lego Indy 50o Race Car

Sometimes it’s the simplest of creations that please the most, and Angka Utama‘s Indy 500 racer is quite possibly our favourite car of the year so far – we adore it. There’s more to see of his beautifully simple classic racer on Flickr – click the link above to make the jump.

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A Tiny Turbo

Lego Renault 5 Turbo

Nope, not an annoyingly generic 4-wide Lego creation, but Renault’s remarkable early ’80s R5 Turbo.

Downsized turbocharged engines are all the rage now, but Renault had the formula nailed more than thirty years ago. The little R5 was powered by a dinky 1.4 litre motor, one that in rally-tune kicked out over 200BHP. America couldn’t get that much power from a V8 four times the size

The downside of all that power from such a small engine was chronic fragility, and the road-going R5 Turbo quickly gained a reputation for not working a lot of the time – which meant that it nicely set the tone for the next three decades of French automotive production.

However, unreliable though it was, the R5 Turbo is still regarded as one of the greatest motoring achievements of the 1980s, winning four WRC events and pioneering turbo-charging for the masses.

This brilliantly-built Model Team recreation of the 1982 Tour de Corsa winning rally R5 Turbo comes from MOCpages’ REGIS Michel, with Power Functions remote control drive, working lights, and some of the nicest decal-work* we’ve blogged. There’s more to see at his MOCpage via the link above.

*This particularly excited our Elves for some reason.

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Lego Porsche 908/02 LH Flunder

With the news today that the Volkswagen Group has made a spectacular blunder the Elves were duly sent out to find a MOC that we could relate to the story. Unfortunately the Elves are idiots, so this 1970 Porsche 908/02 ‘Flunder’ is as close as they got. Still, it’s only one letter away and to be fair to them here at TLCB Towers they do hear a lot of words beginning with ‘F’…

Anyway, back to Volkswagen. Today’s news that the company have rigged the NOX emissions of their diesel vehicles in order to bypass air quality laws is one heck of a blunder. Actually, it’s not even a blunder. It’s a thoroughly despicable, bordering on evil, business decision to put profit ahead of peoples’ well-being. The NOX levels emitted by the affected Volkswagen Group vehicles are up to 40 times the legal limit, directly damaging the lung tissue of those that breathe it, and causing a variety of respiratory diseases and even biological mutations. Yup, we’re going to stick with ‘evil’.*

So far Porsche, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, are unaffected by the scandal – although only because they don’t yet use the group’s 4-cylinder diesel engines.

The glorious 1970 Porsche 908/02 ‘Flunder’ pictured above comes from a time when emissions could legally be quietly ignored, being powered by a three-litre flat-8 engine making just under 400bhp (and it still emitted less NOX than a modern VW diesel). The 908 raced alongside the bigger 917, being favoured on twisty tracks where the 917 was too cumbersome, and the example above raced at Le Mans in 1970 in the hands of Rudi Lins and Helmut Marko.

Previous bloggee Greg 998 is the builder and you can see more of his beautiful 908 on both MOCpages and Flickr.

Lego Porsche 908 Flunder

*TLCB – somewhat unbelievably – predicted this back in March(!). We’re still awaiting a call requesting our services from the investigators at the Environmental Protection Agency. We’re sure it’ll be any day now…

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Lego Ferrari Dino F2

This glorious Ferrari Dino F2 racing car, built by Flickr’s LEGO Bro for TLCB Summer Building Competition, takes us back to a time when the top motorsport teams (and drivers too) competed in multiple racing categories at once. With race calendars only featuring events in single digits throughout an entire season competing in several championships concurrently was a common practice.

LEGO Bro’s Dino F2 might have been down on power when compared to its F1 brother, but it still comes from a time when downforce hadn’t made it off the drawing board and driver safety was second very much to speed. As a result the F2 cars of the 1960s were slightly deadly, but wonderfully pretty machines, and the Dino was amongst the prettiest of all. Step back in time with LEGO Bro at the link above.

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Ferrari Genesis

Lego Alfa Romeo 8C 2600

This is the latest work of racing car genius Bob Alexander and it is, put simply, the most utterly beautiful Lego car we’ve ever seen.

First built in 1931, the Alfa Romeo 8C spearheaded the Italians’ assault on all of the major motor races of the 1930s. Bob’s incredible Lego recreation shown here is the 2600 Scuderia Ferrari version from 1933, driven by Italy’s Tazio Nuvolari and France’s Raymond Sommer. In their hands the 8C won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in ’33, adding a third consecutive Le Mans win to Alfa’s trophy cabinet.

The 8C continued to star in Europe’s motor races until 1938, when the outbreak of war halted everything, and pitched previously collaborative nations, including the winning pair of drivers from 1933, against each another in combat.

You may be wondering why there’s a Ferrari shield on the side of the 8C. Well Enzo Ferrari started out by running racing cars for existing manufacturers like Alfa Romeo before deciding to build his own cars after the Second World War. If you want to see where it all started for Ferrari, this car is that moment.

The Alfa Romeo 8C is therefore one of the most special racing cars ever made, and Bob’s astonishing Lego recreation is a wonderfully fitting tribute to one of the world’s greats. See all the photos on Flickr via the link above.

Lego Alfa Romeo 8C 2600

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Race Horse

Ferrari 156 Race CarThis magnificent 1963 Ferrari 156 comes from one of TLCB’s favourite racing car builders, the amazing bobalexander! Bob has featured a number of times on TLCB with a variety of superb classic race cars, and perhaps this is his most iconic yet.

The Ferrari 156 was one of the first Formula 1 cars to adapt to the new regulations, which in 1961 required tiny 1.5 litre engines. This was long before the days of turbo-chaging, direct injection, KERS and all the other power-boosting technology we’re used to today. Despite the engine being somewhat outside of Ferrari’s comfort zone, the 156 won the World Championship in both 1961 and 1964, and was piloted by some of the best drivers of the era; Phil Hill, John Surtees and Wolfgang Von Trips (who tragically died in his) to name a few.

You can see more of bobalexander!’s beautiful Model Team version of the Ferrari 156 via the link above, or see his other creations that have featured here on TLCB by clicking here.

Lego Ferrari F1 car

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Twelve-Wide Trident

Lego Maserati Tipo

Larry Pan’s Maserati Tipo

Time for another ‘Featured TFOL’ (Teen Fan Of Lego), and for us to go back to our roots and post a proper car (hurrah!). This beautiful ’60s racer is a Maserati Tipo 151/3, and it’s been built by Larry Pan on MOCpages. Larry has also built a Maserati MC12 and… er, not all that much else yet – but it’s what he’s going to build that earns him a place on The Lego Car Blog. He’s only a few cars in and he’s already building upside-down. One to watch.

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