Featured TFOL: Harry Gravett

Lego TVR Sagaris

Probably the hardest car to make in LEGO. Ever.

With The Brothers Brick stealing our last few posts (we’re on to you TBB!) it’s time for something that won’t get nicked. Because this is far from the best car we’ve featured on The Lego Car Blog. So what’s it doing here? Well firstly, it’s one of the most fiendishly difficult vehicles to replicate using little plastic blocks, and secondly, it’s the sort of grass-roots building that The Lego Car Blog Team really admires.

Harry Gravett has done a thoroughly decent job of translating the TVR Sagaris’ incredibly complex shape into Lego, and he’s done it whilst being restricted almost entirely to the bricks found in a single set. In fact, all his creations stem from this one palette. And that’s why we like Harry’s work; it’s low budget but high talent, and so often in the Lego Community it’s the other way round.

With special thanks to the reader who shared this with us via the Feedback and Suggestions page.

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3 thoughts on “Featured TFOL: Harry Gravett

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