Sir Badass of Badassery

Lego Mech

Nice – but what if it had TWO guns!

This is not a car. It’s not a truck, nor a plane, nor a spaceship. But it is sub-zero levels of cool, and it made the Elves stomp around the office, some with lampshades or bins on their heads, brandishing spatulas, tongs and other utensil-based weaponry.

Normally when a MOC stirs up feelings of long-suppressed free-will in the Elves we end up having to diffuse a riot, but today they’re so enamored with their find that they’ve been happily playing Robots all morning. So if you see one chunkily walk past you whilst you’re visiting Eurobricks, MOCpages or some-such site, wearing a bucket on its head and with tissue boxes on its feet, gently point it in the direction of anything vaguely robotic – you’ll make its day.

Oh, we nearly forgot! This ridiculously cool MOC is the work of Mr Elliott Feldman on MOCpages. There’s a full(ish) backstory and  a comprehensive gallery of the component parts. Check it out here.

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