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Lego Car

We received a suggestion to our Feedback page last week, but it was TLCB Office Poker Night at the time and thus we were a bit pre-occupied. Fortunately the reader in question kindly accepted some unpaid writing work and joins us a Guest Blogger today. Over to Alexander Paschoaletto;

If you decide to build a real car in Lego form you’ll face the challenge of having to replicate all the lines according to the original vehicle, which may be something horrible if you’re bricking up a Fiat Uno, or insanely complicated if you’re building a Mazda Furai. However, if you decide to create your own ride instead, you’ll have a very different challenge on your hands. Considering, of course, that you’re trying to create something totally original without copying anything else.

Alex B is one of the few TFOLs out there who can easily meet both challenges with skill, and his latest effort does not fail to impress. His ‘Vortex Orca 4.0i’ features stunning detailing and such a clean look – it’s simple but great. In addition, he took some beautiful shots in a very professional way, which further adds to his positive points. Keep it up, Alex!

Thanks Alexander! You can see more of Alex B’s fictional coupe here, and more of Alexander’s own work on Flickr at the link above.

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