Free HispaBrick Magazine Download – Issue 17

HispaBricks Lego Cars Magazine

Download Issue 17 for Free!

HispaBrick – the superb online resource and magazine for Spanish LEGO fans – have released the latest edition of their free magazine.

Good news for car fans! – Issue 17 not only reviews the Amazing Vehicles book previewed here earlier in the year, there is also a multi-page article showcasing the work of TLCB ‘Master MOCer‘, Dennis Glaasker aka BricksonWheels. Dennis’ incredible trucks are amongst the best LEGO creations being built today, so if you fancy learning a little more about how they’re made, or you’d just like to look at the stunning photography, make sure you check out his feature via the links in this post.

Click here to download your free copy of Issue 17 of HispaBrick Magazine!

All our links will take you to English-language content, however if you are a Spanish-speaker you can also access content in your native language via the HispaBrick homepage.

HispaBrick Lego Magazine

No-One Expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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2 thoughts on “Free HispaBrick Magazine Download – Issue 17

  1. legonoitall says:

    I read it earlier today 🙂 It was great to see his take on building. It seems to be a much more complicated version of the method I use. 🙂 (though that may just be because he builds in a much larger scale) Are there any similar magazines in English?


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