Fairlady Z

Lego Nissan 350Z FairladyJapanese rear-wheel-drive sports cars are cool. That’s a fact. So here’s a Nissan Fairlady Z / 350Z by 1saac W, which features some rather cunning techniques to recreate the famous shape. See more on Flickr.

3 thoughts on “Fairlady Z

  1. Anonymous

    (TLCB Team Edit: We’ve edited this comment so that it’s more family friendly)

    Nissan SUCKS!
    They are the most useless & stupid ____ vehicle company.
    Nissan are ____, ________ & gangster ______.(Their brainless drivers, fans, etc are weak-minded & sore losers)
    All of their vehicles, etc are all ____, _____, ______, _______ & ______.
    Their (needless) companies must be removed from this face of this planet.
    Nissan & their drivers (forever) SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS….

    (TLCB Team Edit: We cut the comment off here, as we think we got the gist of it at this point)

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