Forgotten Hero

Lego Ilyushin II-2Until now we’d not seen a Russian World War 2 fighter recreated in LEGO. Perhaps this is because the US and UK wrote much of post-war history, or because Russia’s contribution was quickly forgotten due to its Stalin-esque links and the Cold War.

This one-sided praise has gifted the Spitfire, Hurricane and Mustang with everlasting fame, whilst Russia’s contributions lie largely ignored. Which is shame, because this plane, the Ilyushin II-2, repelled the German invasion of Russia and is in fact the most numerous miltary plane ever made. In sheer numbers, no aircraft made a larger contribution to halting the spread of Naziism. Flickr’s Dornbi gives the Ilyushin some much needed recognition, and you can see the full gallery at the link.

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