Lego MA.K

With SHIPtember over a few days ago the online Lego Community needed another tenuously named month in order to function. Rumour has it that without such months certain quarters of the online community would just pace around in circles, unable to decide what to do. So behold, MAKtober!

‘But what is MAKtober?’ we hear you cry. Well, here at The Lego Car Blog we pride ourselves on our highly professional excellent working knowledge of Lego-related trends. And we have absolutely no idea. Still, if D-Town Cracka‘s ‘Applecart’ self-propelled gun is an indication of what we’re likely to see, we’re all for MAKtober. Whatever it is.

Find out more via the links above.

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3 thoughts on “MAKtober

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  2. […] might be well into Ma.Ktober but here at The Lego Car Blog, we’re still not sure what that is. One of the Elves thinks that it has something to do with October being rainy and […]


  3. […] great Sci-Fi Building race that is SHIPtember is now officially over and has given way to Ma.Ktober. 105 monster spacecraft, each over 100 studs long and each a Simply Huge Investment in Parts, were […]


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