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And Now for Something…

Lego Sci-Fi Airport Service

Completely Different. We’re not sure what’s got into The Lego Car Blog Elves today, but they’ve brought back some properly weird creations over the weekend. Of course we’re a car blog, so we’ll only be blogging those that closely match our title subject. First up, here’s a giant hovering airport tug thingumy!

Built by Flickr’s Vince Toulouse, this ‘Airport Service’ is constructed from a variety of unusual pieces that originated in some of LEGO’s weirdest (and long-forgotten) themes. A Fabuland caravan, rubber Technic bumpers, and a gate from LEGO’s Track System (which we have zero memory of ever existing) all make appearances, and there’s more to see of how they all fit together via the link above.

Lego MaK Camel

OK, so we’re wildly off-topic today. We may as well continue with this, a bi-pedal walking tank arrangement by Flickr’s Chris Perron. Named the CAMEL, Chris’ creation also features some ingenious parts usage including pieces from Bionicle, Technic steering racks, and of course that biosphere cockpit. See more at the link!

Lego Speeder Bike

Next up we have a huge engine with a mini-figure perched on top. Built by previous bloggee David Roberts it’s apparently a ‘Proboscis’ speeder bike, and a championship-winning one at that. We have no idea what championship that may be, but we’re betting it would be fun to watch. Head to Flickr via the link above to see more.

Lego Sky-Fi Aircraft

The final creation of today’s four mini-figure scale oddities is an aircraft called the ‘F11-Locust’ built by Sylon-tw of Flickr. Designed in the ‘Sky-Fi’ genre, a sub-theme of a sub-theme of which we know absolutely nothing, it’s a fine way to wrap up today’s four-part special.

There’s more to see of Sylon’s Locust at his photostream via the link above, you can check out each of today’s creations via their respective links in the text, and we’ll be back soon – hopefully when someone somewhere builds a bloody car.

Until next time…

Spindly Spider

Lego MaKtober

It’s another tenuously titled month in the Lego community’s calendar, but as is often the way with these things, it’s sci-fi and thus TLCB staff are completely baffled by it.

Whatever Ma.Ktober is, this entry into the annual bandwagon by D-Town Cracka is a rather lovely build, and you can see more on Flickr at the link above.

Mysterious Ma.Ktober


We’ve almost come to the end of Ma.Ktober without featuring any of this year’s builds. This is possibly due neither us nor the Elves really understanding what it’s all about. Time to rectify the situation, with this build from :VolumeX:. His Zank7-FIU has some of the strangest wheels that the Elves have seen but this has been a trend with their recent sci-fi discoveries. A neat bit of design keeps the trim on the hubs horizontal as the Zank rolls along. Click this link to Flickr to have a closer look.

Nerdy Acronym Of The Day*

Lego Sci-Fi Vehicle

The online Lego Community is full of nerdy acronyms. Here at The Lego Car Blog, or ‘TLCB’, we try to avoid as many as possible, mostly because we’re not clever enough to work them out. Apart from ‘TLCB’ of course.

Anyhow, today we’re going to cautiously dip a toe in the murky waters of Lego Jargon because we’ve not seen a model that so perfectly sums up a particular acronym as this does. ‘NPU’, or ‘Nice Parts Usage’ is a term that frequents the comments on Flickr. It’s usually used whenever a LEGO piece faces any direction other than up, but really it’s for when bricks are used for a purpose that’s way outside of their intended function.

VolumeX’s latest work epitomises this philosophy, with the wheels alone featuring no less than three piece types that we’ve never seen used in such a way before. Check out all the ‘NPU’ at VolumeX’s photostream here; you’ll never look at a LEGO brick in the same way again.


Monday’s Ma.Ktober Maschinen

Ferkel MaK

Here at TLCB Towers we have a similar attitude to both the Elves and Ma.Ktober.  We don’t understand how they work but we like the results.  An important part of the Maschinen Krieger style is smooth, rounded armour, which can be very difficult to make from Lego bricks. Tim Zarki has done a super job of the Ferkel spacecraft, using a variety of curved components.  The sphere at the front of the ship is a particularly interesting bit of building technique and the ship is accompanied by a neat spaceborne SAFS.  You can navigate to Tim’s photos Flickr and his blog by clicking this link.

Maktober Monday

Lego Maktober 6x6MAKtober rumbles on, and whilst we still have no idea what it is, we do like the results. This 6×6 rover is the work of LEGOLIZE IT MAN, and you can see more of it and the other MAKtober creations on Flickr.


Lego MA.K

With SHIPtember over a few days ago the online Lego Community needed another tenuously named month in order to function. Rumour has it that without such months certain quarters of the online community would just pace around in circles, unable to decide what to do. So behold, MAKtober!

‘But what is MAKtober?’ we hear you cry. Well, here at The Lego Car Blog we pride ourselves on our highly professional excellent working knowledge of Lego-related trends. And we have absolutely no idea. Still, if D-Town Cracka‘s ‘Applecart’ self-propelled gun is an indication of what we’re likely to see, we’re all for MAKtober. Whatever it is.

Find out more via the links above.