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Lego Sci-Fi Vehicle

The online Lego Community is full of nerdy acronyms. Here at The Lego Car Blog, or ‘TLCB’, we try to avoid as many as possible, mostly because we’re not clever enough to work them out. Apart from ‘TLCB’ of course.

Anyhow, today we’re going to cautiously dip a toe in the murky waters of Lego Jargon because we’ve not seen a model that so perfectly sums up a particular acronym as this does. ‘NPU’, or ‘Nice Parts Usage’ is a term that frequents the comments on Flickr. It’s usually used whenever a LEGO piece faces any direction other than up, but really it’s for when bricks are used for a purpose that’s way outside of their intended function.

VolumeX’s latest work epitomises this philosophy, with the wheels alone featuring no less than three piece types that we’ve never seen used in such a way before. Check out all the ‘NPU’ at VolumeX’s photostream here; you’ll never look at a LEGO brick in the same way again.


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