Wartime Wednesday

Lego M3A2 Half-TrackWe came down to the cage room here at The Lego Car Blog Towers to much noise this morning, where two Elves were embroiled in what may well have become a fight to the death. Meal tokens (and the occasional Smartie) are highly prized amongst our delinquent workforce, as without them they have to survive by eating the wallpaper paste left-over from the redecoration of our sumptuous boardroom. Luckily for the Elves today we’re feeling generous, so two meal tokens were distributed and we’re bringing you both of their finds.

First up (above) is a beautifully recreated M3AT Half-Track, built by Flickr’s Captain Eugene. There may be a couple of ‘Brick Arms’ pieces in there but it looks too good to ignore on a minor technicality. Today’s second creation comes from Daniel Siskind who has also recreated a World War II vehicle in mini-figure scale. His M1 Light Tractor, and those that drove them, were some of the unsung heroes of the conflict, building the ports, airfields and barracks that were needed to move and house the Allies.

You can check out both creations in further detail on Flickr via the links in the text.

Lego M1 Bulldozer

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