It’s Not Easy Being Green

Lego Sludge PuppyKermit’s right, it isn’t easy, particularly if you’re a LEGO builder. Until fairly recently green was exclusively reserved for vegetation and base plates, making building from it trickier than wiring a plug wearing oven gloves. There are a few builders that do brave the hue though, and the results can be very good indeed. Here we bring you a speedy run-down of four of the best, whilst the Elves feast on green Smarties for their efforts.

First up (above) is Legohaulic’s brilliant ‘Sludge Puppy’, built for the Lego Adventure Book 2 and suggested to us via the Feedback page. Legohaulic uses – quite literally – a splash of green to great effect. Check out all the images on Flickr here.

Lego Green Machine

Next up, and continuing the sci-fi theme, is LEGOLIZE IT MAN‘s ‘Green Machine’ mech. We’ve featured LEGOLIZE IT MAN’s work a few times here at The Lego Car Blog, despite it never really including a car. You can see all his awesome builds via his photostream at the link above, and you can see what has appeared here by typing his name into the Search function at the bottom of this page.

Lego Trabant 601

And finally as we’re supposed to be a car blog we’d better throw in a few cars. Above is newcomer Vilem Sustr’s superb Trabant 601 Combi. One of the nicest cars we’ve seen this year we heartily recommend viewing all the photos and Vilem’s MOCpage here. Below is our final Green Special creation, Vibor Cavor (aka Veeborg)’s Audi Quattro concept. As with all of Vibor’s work there is some very inventive design throughout and you can see all the photos on either MOCpages or Flickr.

Lego Audi Quattro Concept

That completes our round-up of one of LEGO’s most unusual hues. You can join the discussion on each creation by clicking the associated links, just remember to power-down and turn the lights off when you’re done!

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