Takushi! タクシー

Lego Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi

We don’t often post normal cars here at The Lego Car Blog. Partly because TLCB Elves get far more excited by big engines and racing stripes, but mostly it’s because Lego builders tend to think the same way.

Dohoon Kim however, has decided that something far more every-day deserves to be immortalised in plastic; the humble Toyota Crown Comfort taxi.

Launched in 1995 (and already looking dated!) the Comfort quickly became Japan’s favourite cab, through its astonishing reliability, space inside, and of course, its comfort. Powered by either diesel or LPG and featuring amazing self-opening rear doors, if you hail a taxi in Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore you’ll almost certainly be making your journey in one of these. The Crown Comfort is still in production too, looking at least 20 years out of date, but still the king of Asian cabs.

See more of Dohoon’s excellent Model Team recreation of the famous Toyota on either MOCpages or Flickr.

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