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The Lego Car Blog has featured a number of creations by the hugely talented Henrik Hoexbroe since our inception two years ago. Henrik has very kindly given us a sneak peek of this latest incredible ‘Mega MOC’, displayed at a recent expo in Madrid. Depicting the construction of one of Europe’s most famous vehicles, Henrik’s work is on a truly massive scale. He picks up the story below…

Professionally I work with industrial automatization, and have visited lots of different types of plants. I’m always fascinated by the installations and logistics necessary to make a big factory work.

Normally I like to do my MOCs to scale, but this time there was no way that I could do a realistic representation of what you are about to see. What I show here in a couple of meters, would definitely take more than 500 meters of factory production lines to do in real life!

So this MOC is not to scale, and neither is it a reproduction of any particular plant.

Lego Car Factory

The main photo and the photo above are what people initially see when they encounter this diorama at the exposition. It’s an aesthetically nice and clean build (at least I think that), so the spectator is surprised by what they find when they walk around the stand to see the other side of the diorama…

Lego Car Factory

…a totally over-the-top detailed factory floor, showing one of the main events of car-maufacturing; ‘the wedding’ (when the motor joins the rest of the car)!

Lego Car Factory

As my factory depicts the classic manufacturing of the good old Citroën 2CV, the sharp limit between chassis and body is clearly visible. Todays modern technologies with self-supporting framework and chassis integrated into the body rendered this method of car production obsolete a long time ago… still, for almost 100 years (stretching it a little here) the shown method has been the preferred way to build automobiles!

Lego Car Factory

Administrative and ‘other’ working areas are also reproduced, using ‘cut-out’ walls to allow visual access to these parts…

Lego Car Factory

Build Data:

  • Building time: May to November 2013
  • Measurements: 3 x 11 base plates
  • Vehicles: Twenty Citroen 2CVs in various states of completion, ten different cars, trucks and buses, and two rail-vehicles
  • Mini-figures: Fifty multi-ethnic flesh-tones (no ‘yellows!’)

The layout has been shown at the HispaLUG Expo in Madrid and is currently at display in Bilbao, as part of the exhibition “Toys for all life”. (“Juguetes de toda la vida”).

A huge thank you to Henrik for taking the time to share his amazing Mega MOC build with us. You can check him out on MOCpages and Brickshelf, and you can watch archive footage of the real Citroen 2CV factory via YouTube here.

Henrik, from all of us here at TLCB, all the best for 2014. We don’t know how you’ll top this, but we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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