Walking Space Tractor. Probably

Lego Walker

Sigh. It’s been a while since the last Elf fight at TLCB Towers and sadly today was the day that the fragile peace was shattered. Shattered by the sound of an Elf being fed into a desk fan by several of his colleagues. The vigilante group had decreed it a crime worthy of corporal punishment to bring back something un-car-like, coincidently at the same time their own find was rejected by TLCB staff for being ‘a bit shit’.

The air-horn has now restored calm and the unfortunate Elf has been bandaged up and given a meal token, because whilst its find is indeed un-car-like, it’s so damn cool we had to post it. Luis Baixinho is the builder responsible, and whilst we’re not sure what his creation actually is (we’re going with ‘Walking Space Tractor’) we do like it very much.

So what do you think – do you like to occasionally see a non-car post here at The Lego ‘Car’ Blog, or were the Elf Enforcers justified in their actions? As always you can let us know your thoughts on anything we post via the Comments or the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page.

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4 thoughts on “Walking Space Tractor. Probably

  1. Thanks for the highlight 🙂
    It’s a sub-aquatic explorer in a fictional world. I think that the theme more apropriate is the diesel punk.

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  2. […] We’re not quite sure how many Elves we have (they are extremely difficult to count), but we think it’s in the high twenties, depending on how many have been lost on any given week to dogs, the office printer, or their own vigilante justice system. […]


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