I Would Walk 500 Miles

Lego Fiat 500

After a string of non-car related posts the Elves were under strict instructions to bring us back something with wheels. They fulfilled the task admirably, by finding us a new creation by one of Flickr’s most prolific car builders.

Lino M, despite his car-building fame, didn’t actually own a car until recently. However, he’s now the proud owner of a gorgeous Fiat 500, which he’s recreated perfectly in plastic. We love the Fiat 500 here at TLCB Towers, partly because it’s a small European city car, and they’re almost always great, and partly (mostly) because its drivers seem to almost always be attractive girls.

Lino’s reincarnation in brick form isn’t quite as appealing to us as the Fiat’s usual pilots (sorry Lino), but his Model Team style 500 is certainly as lovely as the real versions that pass by the office every day. You can see more of Lino’s brick Fiat (and his brick Lino) at Flickr – just click the link above.

Lego Fiat 500

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