The Peoples’ Surface Hopper…

Gerald F

…or Herbie goes to Classic Space.

One of the Elves is the happy recipient of a red Smartie today, having returned from MOCpages with a happy red spaceman and this Lunar Surface Hopper. Its creator, Gerald F, has made our job easier by including his name and the MOC’s title on his photo. Anything that can help with our confusion over sci-fi posts is very welcome, especially as it’s just a couple of weeks away from the ever perplexing Ma.Ktober. Hop on over to see more of this little Classic Space vehicle by clicking this link to MOCpages.

2 thoughts on “The Peoples’ Surface Hopper…

  1. Gerald F.

    Hello, my friend Clayton Marchetti had just informed me that my Beetle Surface Hopper got blogged here. Haha I can see he wasn’t kidding. I’m really glad that the little hopper managed to make it so far. It was very fun to build and overall I’m very thankful to exhibit it here.

    1. Dr Asp Menace

      Hi Gerald,

      It’s good to know that you enjoyed building this little machine. It was a pleasure to feature it on our blog!


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