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Herbie Goes to Gradius


With the end of mysterious Ma.Ktober, the roll of sci-fi themed months continues through the darkening nights with NoVVember. Builders from all over the interweb take a basic set of rules for the layout of a space-fighter, based on Konami’s Vic Viper and stretch them almost to breaking point. A case in point is TLCB regular Piratecox’s Herbie Rod Viper Classic: it’s all in there somewhere!

In the meantime, another TLCB regular, F@bz, has come up with a ship which looks suitable for a Milk Tray Man of the Future. Controversially, this Vic Viper uses (whisper it) parts from Mega Bloks. This might be heresy to some but the inspiration behind NoVVember, the late Nnenn, often used clone parts or cut Lego to fit his models. You can make up your own mind by following the link in the text.


The Peoples’ Surface Hopper…

Gerald F

…or Herbie goes to Classic Space.

One of the Elves is the happy recipient of a red Smartie today, having returned from MOCpages with a happy red spaceman and this Lunar Surface Hopper. Its creator, Gerald F, has made our job easier by including his name and the MOC’s title on his photo. Anything that can help with our confusion over sci-fi posts is very welcome, especially as it’s just a couple of weeks away from the ever perplexing Ma.Ktober. Hop on over to see more of this little Classic Space vehicle by clicking this link to MOCpages.

The Love Bug

Lego Herbie Beetle

Following much Elf grumbling due to today’s earlier digital creation, we’ve decided to treat them to a movie afternoon. See, we are nice occasionally! Plus they’ve found some good creations today. The first of their finds is this, probably the most famous (and loved) movie car ever, ‘Herbie’, a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle with a personality.

Star of the 1968 movie ‘The Love Bug’, in which a struggling race driver is given a helping hand by the conscious Volkswagen, Herbie went on to star in many sequels, including the recent atrocity featuring a pre-breakdown Lindsay Lohan.

TLCB favourite Ralph Savelsberg aka Mad Physicist is the builder of this brilliant Miniland scale version of Volkswagen’s most popular car, and you can see more his Lego Herbie by clicking the link above. We also highly recommend a watch of The Love Bug for those that haven’t seen it. Judging by the elated noises coming from around the TV in the Elves’ cage room, they agree too…

Lego The Love Bug