We’re Three Today!

Lego Number 3

Well, yesterday, but we weren’t paying attention. Anyway, yes – The Lego Car Blog is now three years old!

In the past 36 months we’ve blogged over 1,000 creations, approved over 2,000 comments, and received visitors from almost every country on earth. We’re also raising some useful money for charity too, thanks entirely to your visits and clicks.

You can let us know how we’re doing so far by adding a comment to the Feedback Page, you can share any post you see here via the buttons underneath each one, and if you’ve seen your work blogged here you can join your fellow bloggees on Flickr at the ‘Blogged by TLCB‘ group.

A heartfelt thanks to every reader


2 thoughts on “We’re Three Today!

  1. Dr Asp Menace

    Three years old: hooray! Some of the Elves will be old enough to start shaving soon (either that or they’ll start to trip over their own nasal hair). Perhaps we should get them a car-shaped cake to celebrate?


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