Big Man Picture Special

Lego MAN TGS Tow Truck

This beautiful MAN 8×4 tow truck is the work of Flickr and Brickshelf‘s Marek Markiewicz (aka M-Longer), and it’s one of the finest looking Model Team trucks of the year. But its beauty is much more than skin deep. Within the wonderfully replicated bodywork sits one of the most advanced Technic systems we’ve seen to date.

Lego Technic Tow Truck

Thirteen separate functions are generated by a variety of Power Functions motors and Technic pneumatics, which are all remotely controlled through LEGO’s infrared receivers. These include drive, steering, working stabilisers, raising and extending the boom and under-lift, four separate winches, plus an electrically driven pneumatic compressor with auto shut-off.

Lego Technic MAN Wrecker

The only way to do this incredible engineering feat justice is through a video, and fortunately Mr. Markiewicz has created just that. Watch below, be amazed.

YouTube Video:

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