Party Fiesta

Lego Ford Fiesta

We love small nimble cars here at The Lego Car Blog, and one of the best is Ford’s Fiesta. First launched in 1976 the Fiesta is now in its seventh generation, and it’s been the best selling car in TLCB’s home nation in almost every month since the current version was launched back in 2008.

The Lego recreation of the little Ford pictured here is the work of Peter Blackert (aka lego911), who has built the Mark 7 Fiesta in ‘Zetec S’ specification. There’s a whole gallery of further images available on Flickr – click here to see more.

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3 thoughts on “Party Fiesta

  1. […] recreation of the classic V8 is the work of Flickr’s Peter Blackert, making his second recent appearance […]


  2. […] We’ve often derided the little Fiat and its siblings here at TLCB, because they spawned more hateful Communistical automotive landfill than almost any other design of car. However, before the 126 was handed over to Eastern Europe to be badly built by dictatorial regimes it was actually a damn good car. A segment leading one in fact, even to the point that Ford benchmarked it when designing their new supermini in the 1970s; the Fiesta. […]


  3. […] results are that America gets down-sized turbo engines and the Focus and Fiesta from Europe (a Good Thing), and here in Europe we get the South American Ecosport crossover (Not a […]


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