Black Friday: Nothing to See Here

Black Friday

Tomorrow someone is going die fighting over something they didn’t even know they wanted in Walmart.

The annual greed apocalypse that is Black Friday commences shortly, during which humanity, decency and kindness will be pushed aside for the sake of a half-price electrical appliance.

As this blog won’t be featuring tomorrow’s sales, if you’re in the market for something LEGO-related instead we’d love you to visit our friends over at the amazing Creations for Charity fundraising page.

There are some brilliant creations up for grabs, built and donated by some of the best builders around, and all the proceeds generated are used to buy LEGO toys for underprivileged children this Christmas. What could be better than that?

There’s only one day of the 2014 Creations for Charity event remaining so get in quick via the link above!

Lego Creations for Charity

Your clicks here are making a difference too. We only allow one advertisement to appear at any one time on TLCB, but thanks to your visits it more than covers the cost of hosting this site and maintaining TLCB Executive Washroom and Sauna.

We’ll update you all on where this revenue is being donated when we reach the next nice round number. We hope that we’re managing to operate a little differently to many of the other blogs in the Lego Community, and all thanks for the ability to do this go to you guys – this blog would be nothing without you.


2 thoughts on “Black Friday: Nothing to See Here

  1. Robert nichts

    Sorry I have asked the new holland tractor’s bez what they have gemaillt me if there is it a construction plan and other plans bez with such small models , I can not do anything as I said interest me excavators etc greeting Mr. Lechnerwhat would also seeking to pay for example the blueprint of Buggatie Veron if they know this car

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Mr. Nichts

      Thanks for stopping by.

      If you are enquiring about instructions, there will be a link to each model in the blog text.

      Clicking on the link in the text will take you to the builder’s Flickr or MOCpages account, where you can leave them a message, or to a Eurobricks forum where you can leave a comment with your request.

      Creations that originate from Brickshelf usually cannot be contacted though, as there is no comments functionality on that site.

      Best of luck

      TLCB Team


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