TLCB Interview Update

Lego Microphone

As eluded to a few weeks ago, and after much reader-demand, we have dusted off TLCB’s interview microphone in order for it to be thrust in front of some new famous-types!

We can reveal that this new round of interviews will focus on those who have taken their Lego-building hobby into a paid career, and may include such professionals as official LEGO Company designers, certified Lego model-making companies, and Lego authors.

We hope you’re as excited about this as we are, especially as some of those we’re due to interview have started their Lego careers long after finishing their education – and we’re going to tell you how!

Stay tuned!…


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One thought on “TLCB Interview Update

  1. Robert nichts says:

    Good morning , I am sending you now photos with models they have gemaillt me or that I would very much like to have a plan because I want them to like rebuild maybe they understand me at last what I want because I write them Schohn the whole time their Maills but always arrive in english and I currently still very much stress they weinachten to read maybe they are so nice and schreibn me übern translator of Google equal in German Bitte thank Mr. Lechner

    The Lego Car Blog


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