24 Heures du Mans

Lego Technic Le Mans LMP1 Racer

This mighty-looking Technic LMP1 endurance racer was discovered on Eurobricks by one of our happy little helpers. It the work of bj51 and it’s packed full of Technic functions. These include all-wheel independent suspension, a working V8 engine, steering and transmission. There’s lots more to see at the Eurobricks discussion forum or at bj51’s website, and you can read our review of the offical Technic endurance racer set by clicking here.

Lego Technic Endurance Racer

3 thoughts on “24 Heures du Mans

  1. thelegocarblogger

    Hello Valentina

    Thanks for stopping by.

    In answer to your question; the builder of this creation is French and the race in which these cars feature is French also. It’s tricky but we think some of our cleverer readers might still be able to work out what the title means though ; )

    TLCB Team

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