Prizes to be Won! Join us on July 1st!

TLCB Summer Building Competition

20 thoughts on “Prizes to be Won! Join us on July 1st!

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Sir. Manperson

      Thanks for stopping by.

      You may enter the Summer Building Competition with an LDD / digital creation. The Submission Guidelines are effectively the competition rules, and it is true that we don’t encourage digital builds to be submitted as suggestions.

      However, truly exceptional digital builds have featured here before, and thus it is still possible for a digital build to do well in the competition. But it would have to be good. Like, really really good. There’s the challenge….

      We hope that helps!

      TLCB Team

          1. thelegocarblogger

            Hello Emily

            That link is simply to another page here on TLCB, so we don’t have to type all the competition details twice – everything you need is there.

            We like to be polite and thank our readers for their readership!

            TLCB Team

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