Prizes to be Won! Join us on July 1st!

TLCB Summer Building Competition

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20 thoughts on “Prizes to be Won! Join us on July 1st!

  1. thomasgraafland says:

    Do you mean it starts or ends on joly 1st?

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  2. only a couple more days! Can’t wait. plz keep me updated and plz do tell me every last detail you possibly can.

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  3. I’m looking forward to this. Although I’ not sure if |I can enter, considring I’m an LDD builder…Hmmmm.

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    • Hello Sir. Manperson

      Thanks for stopping by.

      You may enter the Summer Building Competition with an LDD / digital creation. The Submission Guidelines are effectively the competition rules, and it is true that we don’t encourage digital builds to be submitted as suggestions.

      However, truly exceptional digital builds have featured here before, and thus it is still possible for a digital build to do well in the competition. But it would have to be good. Like, really really good. There’s the challenge….

      We hope that helps!

      TLCB Team


  4. so how do you join this? Just trying to fill in my brain with info for this .One more thing, how long do we have to build a masterpiece?

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  5. Sounds great then! I’ve had the one digital MOC blogged by you guys before, and that was a surprise. I’ve got my work cut out, then!

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  7. […] The top row score highly for violence potential, whilst the bottom row earn some speed points, but with no Elves or racing stripes included they can certainly be beaten to the prize-winning top spots. […]


  8. […] in the competition by choosing to build in virtual reality. But Sam must really want the awesome prizes up for grabs and as such has gone all out to tick as many boxes on the Elves’ wishlist as possible. Bright […]


  9. […] and you can find out more about TLCB Sumer Building Competition entry requirements and the awesome prizes available by clicking […]


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