Robots in Disguise

Lego Optimus Prime Transformer

The Elves are beyond excited today. This incredible recreation of Transformers’ Optimus Prime is the work of TLCB regular, TLCB Master MOCer and Brothers Bricker Ralph Savelsberg (aka Mad Physicist). As is always the case with Ralph’s creations, the detailing in his latest build is extraordinary, but what’s scarcely believable is that this incredibly life-like truck can really transform. Because Ralph is a wizard.

Much witchcraft and magic later and Ralph’s Optimus Prime truck looks a little different, to the delight of our Elvish workforce. You can see more of Optimus in both his brilliant forms, plus a few images showing a little of how the amazing transformation takes place, at Ralph’s Flickr photostream. Click the link and join us in wonder.

Lego Optimus Prime Robot Transformers

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4 thoughts on “Robots in Disguise

  1. If you ever sell plans for this nice piece of lego work please do let me know at
    Very nice work congratulations

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  2. […] huge (and brilliant) Optimus Prime publicised here a few days ago, here’s one much much smaller. Obedient Machine is the builder and there’s more to see […]


  3. […] of my latest model, Optimus Prime, on flickr. These were picked up by a number of other LEGO blogs (the LEGO Car Blog and Bricknerd among others) and subsequently pretty much went viral. I was going to write something […]


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