Raging Bull

Lego Lamborghini Veneno

It seems like just the other day that we posted an incredible creation from car building legend and TLCB Master MOCer Firas Abu-Jaber. And that’s because it was. But he’s been busy, and just a few short days later this arrived at TLCB Towers courtesy of an excited TLCB Elf.

It’s Lamborghini’s 2014 Veneno coupe, following on from Firas’ own roadster roadster version publicised here earlier in the year, and it is – as you can see – quite spectacular. There’s more to see at Firas’ MOCpages and Flickr accounts, plus you can read his Lego story via the Interviews tab in the main menu.

Lego Lamborghini Veneno Firas Abu Jaber

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2 thoughts on “Raging Bull

  1. Reblogged this on TheProBlogger and commented:
    Hi guys.
    I was looking for lego decoration for my setup and found this amazing post in pintrest.
    FULL CREDIT TO https://thelegocarblog.com/
    Thats all for now but check in next week for another post on Whats the Dig on the Pug.

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  2. Amazing post. Keep doing what you are doing buddy 😀

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