Competition Winners Announcement!

TLCB Summer Building Competition

The entries have been reviewed, much beer has been drunk, and a few fights have broken out, but we can now announce the Winners of TLCB Summer Building Competition!

Choosing the top two creations from the dozens of entries received has been no easy task, in fact it was hard enough agreeing on the top five. If you’re reading this and your model appeared here during the past two months, you were probably in with a shout.

Lego Competition Prizes

The competition Winner and Runner-Up will bag themselves some great prizes courtesy of the awesome guys at No Starch Press – we highly recommend checking out their range of brilliant Lego books at the link above.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 09.36.37

And now, the winners!…


Lino Martins – Beer Wagon

Lego Elven Vomit

Scoring highly in the Photography, Build Quality, Brightly Coloured, Big Engined and Elf Bonus categories, Lino’s wonderful Beer Wagon hot rod, complete with vomiting Elves (and we honestly can’t begin to describe how much we enjoyed this aspect!) takes the Runner-Up spot.

Lino is the curator of Flickr’s LUGnuts vehicle-building group with whom we partnered for this competition, so there’s probably a no more deserving community member. You can see more of Lino’s hilarious build via the its original blog post on TLCB by clicking here.


Thomas Graafland – TLCB Office Transit

Lego Ford Transit Van

Whilst featuring no Elves and no racing stripes, Thomas’ superb Ford Transit mobile office scored maximum points in almost every other category. There’s remote control steering and drive (which of course the Elves love), a mid-mounted V8 engine, and – playing to the narcissism of TLCB staff – Thomas included a whole host of blogging equipment in the back of the van.

Completing his competition entry with a clever back-story takes Thomas to the overall win, securing him two top titles from the fantastic No Starch Press library!

You can see more of Thomas’ brilliant winning competition entry, including the awesome TLCB office mounted in the back, by clicking this link to the original blog post.

From all of us here at TLCB, No Starch Press, and our partners at LUGnuts and Head Turnerz; Congratulations to both competition prize winners, and thank you to every builder who entered – it was seriously close at the top!


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8 thoughts on “Competition Winners Announcement!

  1. thomasgraafland says:

    Oh yuss! I am very happy! I love that you guys organisated this and I loved building for it. I’d like to really thank you TLCB and I have to say it’s gonne take quite some thing to wipe this huge grin of my face. :]

    Congratulations to Lino and thank you again, TLCB!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bricksonwheels says:

    Grats to the winners!

    Liked by 1 person

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