Ski Sunday

Lego BMW 635CSi

The leaves are falling here at TLCB Towers and – if the tabloid press are to be believed – it’s going to be the coldest winter, like, ever. But they do seem to say this every year.

Anyway, there is a compelling argument for buying an old 4×4 for the winter months, or even better a cheap and tiny front wheel drive hatchback that will boing through the snow happily passing flashy RWD executive cars stuck up to their axles.

Ralph Savelsberg‘s choice for a winter ski trip is a bit of an odd one then. Sure it is old, but BMW’s original 635CSi is now a certified classic, making it quite an expensive proposition. It’s also powerful and RWD, meaning it absolutely will get stuck. But it’s also really, really cool.

There’s more to see of Ralph’s superb ski-carrying olive green BMW 635 on Flickr – click the link above to hit the slopes.

Lego BMW 6-Series

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