Bomb Disposal: If You See Me Running Try To Keep Up!

Lego VW Crafter Bomb Disposal

A staple fixture in ‘funny’ t-shirts, today’s blog title is probably a bit too close for comfort these days. Bomb disposal engineers have always done incredible work, but in Europe for the past few decades their main job has been to take unexploded World War 2 bombs down to the dump and claim the scrap metal value.

Not anymore though. Thanks to the utter shitbags in ISIS and their like, sadly it’s all getting a lot more serious. The heroes depicted in bricks above belong to the Dutch Ministry of Defence Bomb Disposal Division, and with their rather cute looking robot they’re ready to keep the streets of Holland shrapnel and body-part free.

TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg aka Mad Physicist is the builder, and you can see more of his Bomb Disposal Team and their Volkswagen Crafter long-wheelbase van on Flickr – cut the blue wire at the link above.

Lego Volkswagen Crafter Van

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