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Big Green Boxes

This is a Tatra PR3333 6×6 truck, outfitted with a hook-lift system and depicted in Dutch Army specification by Flickr’s Arian Janssens.

We’re not sure what’s in the big green box it’s carrying, nor the second one towed behind via the neat drawbar trailer, but as we assume it’s army stuff we probably wouldn’t understand anyway.

The truck, trailer, and boxes are all superbly built, and there’s more to see of all components at Arian’s photostream. Click the link to take a look.

*Points for us for not going down the ‘Dutch Hooker’ route with this post! Until now. Damn.

Sprinting to Save

The world’s emergency services battle to save us every single day, with the current Coronavirus pandemic highlighting in particular what an incredible job they do. Of course they need the tools to do the job, and that’s what they’ve got in the Netherlands with their Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ambulances. Flickr’s Ralph Savelsberg is the builder behind this one, recreating both the converted van and its complicated Dutch chevrons over EU-mandated yellow paint job with brilliant accuracy. Opening doors reveal a life-like interior too, and there’s more of Ralph’s Sprinter to see at his photostream – click here to call an ambulance.

Do Not Point at Ukrainian Airliner

We round out today’s posts with a DAF truck towing a giant implement of death. Thanks Ralph Savelsberg. It is a brilliant model though, recently updated with a newly built terrain base upon which the Dutch military’s missile launcher is firing at… er, we have no idea. Have the Dutch ever fired at anything?

Which is unlike Iran of course, who last week fired upon an airliner full of their own citizens thanks to a twitchy trigger finger mistake. Iran’s accidental downing of flight PS752 takes the number of deaths following the murder of Qasem Soleimani by American drone from ten to almost two hundred, with another fifty killed during a stampede at his funeral.

Well this has all got a bit bleak. You can see more of Ralph’s superb Dutch Patriot Missile Launcher at his photostream via the link above, we’ll return soon with something a bit chirpier, and until then here’s that video of a woman in a Wookie mask.

Bomb Disposal: If You See Me Running Try To Keep Up!

Lego VW Crafter Bomb Disposal

A staple fixture in ‘funny’ t-shirts, today’s blog title is probably a bit too close for comfort these days. Bomb disposal engineers have always done incredible work, but in Europe for the past few decades their main job has been to take unexploded World War 2 bombs down to the dump and claim the scrap metal value.

Not anymore though. Thanks to the utter shitbags in ISIS and their like, sadly it’s all getting a lot more serious. The heroes depicted in bricks above belong to the Dutch Ministry of Defence Bomb Disposal Division, and with their rather cute looking robot they’re ready to keep the streets of Holland shrapnel and body-part free.

TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg aka Mad Physicist is the builder, and you can see more of his Bomb Disposal Team and their Volkswagen Crafter long-wheelbase van on Flickr – cut the blue wire at the link above.

Lego Volkswagen Crafter Van