Do Not Point at Ukrainian Airliner

We round out today’s posts with a DAF truck towing a giant implement of death. Thanks Ralph Savelsberg. It is a brilliant model though, recently updated with a newly built terrain base upon which the Dutch military’s missile launcher is firing at… er, we have no idea. Have the Dutch ever fired at anything?

Which is unlike Iran of course, who last week fired upon an airliner full of their own citizens thanks to a twitchy trigger finger mistake. Iran’s accidental downing of flight PS752 takes the number of deaths following the murder of Qasem Soleimani by American drone from ten to almost two hundred, with another fifty killed during a stampede at his funeral.

Well this has all got a bit bleak. You can see more of Ralph’s superb Dutch Patriot Missile Launcher at his photostream via the link above, we’ll return soon with something a bit chirpier, and until then here’s that video of a woman in a Wookie mask.

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5 thoughts on “Do Not Point at Ukrainian Airliner

  1. Myles says:

    I love you guys and I love this website, but I must say this title is a little distasteful.


    • Hello Myles

      Thanks for your message.

      Our apologies for any distress caused. This title is in no way making light of the recent Iranian incident, in fact quite the opposite.

      We have one reader from Iran according to our stats and we are in full support of them.

      Kind regards
      TLCB Team


  2. RK says:

    The Ukrainian airliner was not full of Iranian citizens. Check your facts. The largest contingent of people from a single country were from Canada. In fact, very few of the passengers were from Iran.


    • Hello RK

      Thanks for your message.

      82 passengers were Iranian, 63 Canadian, 11 Ukrainian (incl. 9 crew), 10 Swedish, 4 Afghan (plus 3 asylum seekers listed as German), and 3 British.

      We’re not sure why the nationality of the victims matters but we hope this helps.

      Kind regards
      TLCB Team


  3. […] a Classic Space vehicle the rockets on board Billyburg’s 8×8 transport are not firing Russian implements of death at airliners, rather satellites for, well… we’re not sure, but we bet it’s something […]


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