Lego Post-Apoc Motorcycle

The Lego Car Blog Elves love post-apocalyptic violence. Possibly because they secretly harbour thoughts of a victorious Elven uprising that results in a brutal Elf-ruled dystopia. For now though thankfully these dreams only manifest themselves when they watch Mad Max films and an Elf gets run over by a colleague riding the wheeled mop-bucket.

This particular TLCB writer finds the choice of transportation in the aforementioned films an odd one though. Always hugely over-powered, flame-spitting and gloriously thirsty, post-apoc vehicles seem completely opposed to what you would actually want in a world short on gas and spare parts. The perfect post-apoc vehicle is surely a Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf or Honda Insight. Reliable, efficient, and quiet.

And boring. Which is why movies shun their practicalities in favour of vehicles like this one. It’s a post-apoc chopper by Flickr’s Stephan Johnsson, and it fits the over-powered, flame-spitting and gloriously thirsty category perfectly. Entitled ‘Wasteland Roamer’ Stephan’s creation is beautifully constructed and there’s more to see at his phtostream – click the link above to fire it up.

Lego Post-Apoc Motorbike

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