A Mini Monster Mog

Mog 01

Both we and the Elves are big fans of the Unimog, here at TLCB Towers. We’ve blogged various shapes and sizes of Mercedes’ classic 4×4 utility vehicle over the years. Small, Technic, official and cute have all featured here, to name but a few. We also all know that orange Smarties are the best.

You can therefore imagine the excitement throughout the executive editorial penthouse when a hoard of frantic Elves rolled in with their latest discovery. There were celebrations! There was joy! There was pandemonium! There was chaos! There was the first ever deployment of our Judge Dredd style riot foam. Happily this meant that we got to eat all of the orange Smarties whilst we freed our immobilised workforce.

Click this link to Flickr to see more of this, and other excellent vehicles in the series, on Gene 3S’s Photostream.

Mog 02

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One thought on “A Mini Monster Mog

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