For a Really Big Fire…

Lego Pierce Arrow XT Fire Truck

…You need a really big fire truck. A really big fire truck like this one, the enormous Pierce Arrow XT ‘Tiller Truck’ as used by the San Jose Fire Department.

This spectacular (and absolutely massive) replica of the Arrow XT has been built by Pavol Vanek of Flickr, and it’s one of the most impressive models that we’ve ever featured here at TLCB. Every detail of San Jose’s real truck has been captured brilliantly in Lego form, and Pavol’s model includes a wealth of functions too.

A tilting cab complete with a fully detailed six-seat interior sits above a working piston engine, the ladder can elevate, extend and turn – stabilised by functioning outriggers, both the tractor unit and trailer feature functioning steering, and every door, storage compartment and hatch opens.

Befittingly for such a humongous creation there’s a huge gallery of images available showing each aspect of the truck in greater detail – and we cannot recommend taking a look highly enough! Click this link to see more of Pavol’s incredible build, just prepare to be there a while!

Lego Pierce Arrow San Jose Fire Truck

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4 thoughts on “For a Really Big Fire…

  1. Malcolm Malone Mehr says:

    Holy Christmas that would be awesome if you made instructions to make this, but that would be a long book

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pavol "Paliason" Vanek says:

      :))))) ….very-long-long-long book

      Thanks for you comment!


      and for The Lego Car Blog: Thanks for posting my MOC here!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Pavol? You should DEFINITELY contact the Lego people!! I’m sure there are lots of people out there who would love to build this! I’d buy 2!! LOL!!


  3. Rob Kroon says:

    Yes please, contact the lego people and make the building instructions together. I am one of them who would pay for these instructions.


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